Friday, 12 August 2016

New drawings:Zennor and more....

Above is one of two drawings that I did last night one is finished the one below might not be but might be close.

After lunch time my Son got some bad news that his mother has been quite ill and is now hospitalized but seems to be in a steady condition, so at the end of a tiring few weeks and this news we thought we needed a bit of morale boosting so we took ourselves off to the coastal path to Zennor Head. Zoe my wife and son see this a one of 'our' places eventhough many thousands must walk up here but you never bump into more that a few others. We chilled out in the warm breeze and the sunshine and then we thought we required more of a boost so we went to The Tinners Arms for dinner and bleddy lovely it was too.

Zennor has an interesting history, with the legend of Senara the mermaid and the tales of D.H. Lawrence and Aleister Crowley living in the area as well as one of my favourite artists Patrick Heron and when I say favourite I mean it. He was always and inspiration to me, so if I had have been a painter rather than someone who draws I might have found it hard to get out from under his shadow. He is buried in the Church Yard. I hope I am still awake to try and catch the meteor shower but I might not be. So after a pretty bumpy day with a nice ending I am off to do more drawing ....

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