Thursday, 4 August 2016

Art Drop, Art Lovers, Sea Pottery etc

Above are two bits of sea pottery that I gave away at The Barnoon Workshop today to two of our workshoppers.

Above and below are two from todays art drop, the top one disappeared quite quickly but the one below was still in situ as I went passed it on my way home.

Above is a badge I made many years ago and found the other day and today I wore it and lots of people noticed it. I also visited our exhibition at Cafe Art and got some really nice feedback from Lynn at the Cafe. If you are in the area feel free to go and look at 'Art Lovers' by Zoe Eaton and Bobby Wotnot at Cafe Art The Drill Hall St Ives, also our work is available from The UYS Gallerry St Ives

I am getting quite excited by the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is visiting Cornwall on Saturday and will be speaking. I for one would be very interested in hearing what he has to say and how we go forward in the future with less corrupt and self serving politicians, well I hope that is the case.

Here is my continued work in progress on the third bit of my triptych, more work to be done tonight.
Tomorrow I have a pebble and maybe some stones to deliver to the gallery and need to find more to replace recent sales.



  1. Love the strength in the badge statement - we'll drop into the Art Café next week to see Zoe's and your work. Yes, I'll be at Heartlands tomorrow afternoon - my copies of The Road to Corbyn will be delivered to our home on Wednesday 17 August. That close now.

    1. Thanks Rob, I might make some more sometime. Hope we bump into you tomorrow.