Thursday, 25 August 2016

New drawings, Barnoon Workshop, Sky High Arts and where your art ends up.

Above is a drawing that I thought was finished, it wasn't so I finished it again last night.

Above is the reverse 'bleeding narrative' with additions. I am very happy with this image.

Above I thought I would show you the progress on my 'bleeding narrative' stopper which is growing into it's own complex world.

Today has been spent helping my wife Zoe deliver a Resin Charms workshop at Barnoon. Then after lunch I had to drive up Rosewall Hill to see our friends Tree and Ally to have a meeting of Sky High Arts, it is one of my responsibilities to attend a number of them a year as I am a director. We had the meeting outside on a fabulously large outdoor table and coffee and Tree's lovely cakes were consumed. After the meeting it was pointed out that behind me were a couple of small Wotnot's sitting in the garden. It is always nice to see where your work ends up.

After this interlude I went back to the Barnoon Workshop to put up our new shelves and the we wended our way home to eat a Ruby June's curry yum.


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