Sunday, 21 August 2016

New work and a bit of how I got here.....

Above is a new drawing I did last night, thought it was finished last night but now I am not so sure. I will see what I think when I start drawing later.

I am trying to find enough time to get on with larger drawings for a new show or if I can get more gallery interest out of St Ives or even out of Cornwall, I don't know where yet but my last two contacts have failed to even reply to the emails that I sent. It is always a bit confusing if you don't get a reply, did they not like the work? Or did it not fit? Did they not have time or did my email go astray or into their spam?

You get used to rejection in this art lark, it has taken me years to arrive at doing what I am doing now and I know some people like my work so I just have to find the right places and make better approaches.

Above is another in the series of 'saw this thought of you, from my friend Strawb.

This one above and the three below are some of the earlier dot drawings that started all this that I do do now. The initial thought behind the book was to buy a sketchbook and then use one type and size of pen to fill that book with little dots and marks. One of the bigger reasons for this was to build up a discipline and to challenge myself to be inventive with that narrow brief. It was really the start of me finding a process to help each work.

This book must have millions of dots in it and took quite a few years to do I can tell you, whilst fitting it in with real life and all the music that I was producing at the time. I finished and self released two albums at this time 'Front Room Laptop Drama' a mix of instrumentals and songs featuring a host of vocalists, Lee Vernon from Pearl Handled Revolver, Jimi Volcano (The artist Steve Groom) and Pete Edwards from The Red Bullets. I also released a more esoteric album called 'Enjoy Dealing With This...?' The demos for the first one got quite a few plays on Tom Robinson at the time on 6Music.

While all that music making was going on I got more and more into filling this book and the ideas just kept flowing and flowing. Also about this time I had my first solo exhibition at Stantonbury Gallery in Milton Keynes. The Exhibition was called 'The Theory of Everything' and kind of summed up my world of wotnot.

Drawing slowly took over from the music although I have lots and lots of ideas and demos to finish off which I still intend to do sometime.

Anyway, the search for the next artistic opportunity needs to be found a new show needs to be made and the next and to try and find wall space for my work and hopefully some sales as well. We all need a bit of validation along the line from time to time...

Still onwards and sideways.....

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