Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pebble art, Barnoon Workshop, Art Drop etc.

Above is a new pebble drawing I did last night that is drying and destined for the UYS Gallery to replace the ones that have sold.

Today has been taken up with printing workshops at Barnoon Workshop with Erin Lacey and Zoe Eaton. I have also delivered a guitar lesson. After that met up with the family and went into town for a good but cheap meal in The Union, Fore Street St Ives.

Whilst in The Union I did a little art drop, I wonder what will happen to them....

I am still waiting to get a reply from The Exchange Dalston about sending my book up to them but I have many ideas and drawings to get on with. I have the last bits of Graham's conifer to draw on, however I have taken a different approach to them. Below is my blank canvas to get started on.

Below are four more from mine and Zoe's Exhibition "Art Lovers" at Cafe Art, St Ives. I am very happy with what they look like framed and I think a snip at £80 each.

Last night on the BBC was the final episode of The History of Art in Three Colours, this week it was white and it ended up with how sinister white became after Mussolini got his hands and so much marble and built his Rome suburb Eur.

Cheers !

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