Sunday, 28 August 2016

New Drawings, A1 work in progress and much much more :)

Above is the first of two pairs of drawings I did last night with my new pen etc.

Above is the bleeding narrative version, I just love the way ink travels through paper.

Above and below are the final pair of drawings I did last night, all drawings done last night seem to have my brand of complicated minimalism and process.

Above is my ever evolving bleeding narrative stopper that seems to be really gathering and showing the additions from all the drawings above.

Above is the progress I have made today on my latest larger scale drawing that until today I haven't touched it for a few weeks but I can safely say it is over half way through and is gathering. I did an hour or so at home and then did a further hour and a half at Barnoon Workshop, where I will be for tomorrow's 'Drop In and Draw' between 10am and midday.

Above and below is the limpet shell that I drew on a few weeks ago that became a little hidden in plain sight pressie for our dinner host last evening Valerie and nice to know it has been found.

I am brimming with ideas for my next works and I even have paper to do more large scale drawings. I have also nearly finished my latest whole sketchbook work so I will be needing a new one sometime this week.

I am now six months into writing this blog and very pleased with having had nearly 4,500 views in that time. For me it has helped me order my thoughts about what I am doing making all these marks on paper, wood, stone, sea pottery, slate etc etc
I always had this stuff in my head and would and will happily talk about my work when asked but the act of blogging has truly got my thoughts ideas and images out into the world. So six months ago I said 'Hello blogworld' and I am glad I have done that and kept the discipline up, it has shown me that I do actually draw everyday with with only a couple of exceptions when I do really miss it as part of my routine.

Just found these that I also did last night, must be the start of my next art drop or part of the one I haven't done yet......

See you tomorrow.....

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