Saturday, 6 August 2016

Art, Sea Pottery and Jeremy Corbyn

Above are some drawings I did last night on sea pottery found on the beach yesterday, these will probably go towards my next art drop.

Above is a slightly out of focus drawing that I also did last night on a round piece of wood.

Above is a drawing from my sketchbook that I worked on last night, I am still not sure it is finished. Tonight will tell.

After running around to pick up and drop off clay for firing, we were having battery trouble so we went off in search of a new car battery and the first place we went to had no new ones but they did have a good second hand one that they fitted and sold me for £15, not bad. We then went shopping in Penzance and picked up a few things for the workshop and some new trainers for my son after he demolished his last pair. We also attended the last day of The Maggie Mathews exhibition at Cornwall Contemporary. Met a really nice lady who showed my son all the photos she had taken of The Man Engine and also informed me of how to approach the gallery, so I now have two galleries in PZ to mail images and my artist statement.

Below is what happened after going to Penzance, my son and myself drove over to Heartlands for his first political rally. Jeremy Corbyn had come to talk to us in Cornwall. There must have been 3,000 or perhaps quite a few more in attendance. There were many good and interesting speeches including one from a local school teacher that was fantastic.
At about 16:40 Jeremy arrived on stage and gave us an impassioned speech filled with humanity and a positive vision of the future that could actually be delivered. It is very interesting hearing him in full rather than the press/news report that just seem to slag the man off rather than listen to what he has to say, he is not into that thing that most politicians seem to favour these days of just slagging off other politicians. He said some great things about community, being fair and the quality of life that we should be expecting and about not having our human rights diminished by the quite frankly terrifying Teresa May and her cronies.
At the end of proceedings Jeremy didn't run off quickly he very personally greeted people, shook hands let people take phone pics with him and my son shook hands with him and they spoke. What a nice man. Certainly the most genuine politician I have ever met and he believes in arts and culture.

More drawing to do, Cheers!

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