Saturday, 27 August 2016

Art Drop , pen etc

Above and below are two new ones in my bleeding narrative and more sketchbook that I did last night, kind of bold and sort of minimal.

Above another one finished last night from the same series, the reverse is unfinished.

Above another art drop in the making.

Above is a new pen I got today along with some Fabriano 300 gsm ready for my new ideas when I have time.

So today we went to Truro to top up on art supplies, found The Cornish Food Box Cafe a very nice place with a nice vibe. Tonight we are out at our friends Valerie's place for a catch up. She used to do the St Ives Tours and has been an inspiration for my art tours.



  1. Lovely evening. Thank you Bobby Wotnot and for the surprise dotty shell :)