Saturday, 20 August 2016

New drawing, Taken, Pebble, Torsten Lauschman, Saw this thought of you.....

Above is a drawing I finished last night, I am really liking it's faded, muted quality.

Above is a drawing I did a while ago on some rusted metal, I then hung it in public and it seems to have gone missing, I hope someone took it.

Above is some pebble art I did a few months ago, must do some more soon.

Above is an addition my Son and I did at the Torsten Lauschmann installation, always fun to be had at Porthmeor Studios.

Above is a photo that was sent to me in a 'saw this thought of you manner' apparently it is my friends dog's favourite ball (was)........ Thanks Strawb and Trotsky.

Also today I went to the cinema with my son to see 'Suicide Squad'. It actually was pretty well entertaining especially considering how many comic characters they shoe horned in, but not in a bad way.

Off to drawing and prepare myself for a long drive to Bristol and back, part of the process of getting my son back home 'up country'. At least on the way home he will be able to visit his mother in the hospital, it was pretty worrying last week but she seems to have made a good recovery and is now taking visitors.

See you all tomorrow or whenever you read this....

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