Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Tuesday, Tour day, more work, Bob Deveraux,

Above is a new drawing from nearly the end of my 'whole sketchbook work' started at the end of April, when I have finished all the pages I will go back through to see what I missed or haven't quite finished of and then complete the covers too.

Above is the reverse bleed of the first drawing as you can see two of my more minimal works.

Today was Tour and Draw day and on the tour today I was able to do this little continuos line drawing as we sat on the end of Smeatons Pier just before midday.

Also on the tour we found this carving on a house towards the Island. I was asked if it had a significance. I had to admit I had never noticed it be and whether it was there as decoration or for a purpose I know not.

After our tie dye workshop was over and I had returned to the workshop for Philps' pastie lunch. We then went off to get a new sketchbook each from The St Ives Society of Artists at The Mariners Gallery and the visited the show in The Crypt to see Bob Deveraux's exhibition, it is a group show featuring Bob's wife Paulines work and also their friend Ruth's textiles. One of the better exhibitions I have seen there this year. It was really nice to see Bob's new works. Should have taken a photo, ooops

We then went on for a coffee at Mount Zion and then headed back up to the workshop, picked up stuff for tea and went home. So I thought I would get my blog done a bit earlier than sometimes.

So I have more work to do after dinner.


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