Monday, 8 August 2016

New drawings, some not abstract shock! Art Drop find

Above is a new drawing that I did last night, finally putting the finishing touches to it in The Queens Hotel at lunch time.

Above and below are a couple of drawing I did this morning at Barnoon Workshop's drop in and draw. I am trying to get into book illustration mode. The top one is the view out of the workshop door and below is Trewyn Gardens. We all went back to the workshop for the last half hour to put a watercolour wash on. I am not sure that I have got to my book illustration stylee yet but I am working on it.

Above is one from earlier this year all done with metallic gel pen on paper, just found it in my pics and still love it.....

I was just heading back to the workshop this afternoon to help clear up as I did bumped into Sharon McSwiney(Metal Worker of this Parish) and Tim, she seemed very happy with herself, got her phone out and showed me a pic of the piece of Wotnot sea pottery she had just found. It was her first find and it had made her happy and that is what it is about.

Well not much to say today except as usual I have more drawing to do.....


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