Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Art Drop, Art Tour and work.

Above is a small art drop I made today whilst at Barnoon Workshop, previous to this I did an Art Tour around our town and had three lovely people. It was a joy to show them our town and point out some of the art spots and galleries around town.

I started work on a new slate last night but as it is not finished I haven't put a pic up, should be finished tonight so will show tomorrow.

Above is a work in my 'flag' series, I have done quite a few of these....

I also have to report that my new pebble drawing has sold which is nice and also had a small sale from A lady called Sue who was on my tour today. Thank you.

I am off to finish more drawing and try and promote our exhibition 'Art Lovers' Zoe Eaton and Bobby Wotnot at Cafe Art St Ives. If you are in the area why not pop in for a look and even pic up a bargain.

A pile of Wotnots about to be hung at Cafe Art.

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