Friday, 26 August 2016

New, old and ideas.

Above is a new drawing completed last night on a piece of marbled paper..... Happy with it and just exploring.

Today I was a pupil on an acrylics workshop, which was fun. I did a colour wheel and two painting that I am ok with and the process of under painting is very interesting but I do not feel I have instantly mastered landscape painting. What I did learn was a greater appreciation of the medium.

Above is a pic I took to try and keep my colours true of Man's Head and Coldgy. I certainly caught a bit more tan drawing outside and getting ready to paint.

Another view from above Porthmeor this afternoon. After work we were taken for a pint in The Pilchard Press, our mew micro pub in town.

We have been plotting what art materials we are getting in Truro tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting some new drawing paper.... I have loads of ideas..

Thinking of doing another much bigger take on this.......

I am also considering doing some commissions...

I got drawing to do......

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