Sunday, 14 August 2016

New drawings: Art Drop: Sea Life:

Above and below is my new double whammy bleeding narrative drawing they are working well with and against all the other drawings in this sketchbook and gives a good spread of what I am doing at the moment. I am probably two thirds the way through it. It was started on 30th of April. In my head I always consider a sketchbook as more than a sketchbook more like a complete work. Still yet to sell one though. Well if anyone is interested please let me know and we will have a chat.

Above is a small art drop I did between Porth Gwidden and Bamaluz, I wonder if anyone has found it yet.... Me and my Son thought it was quite visible but we saw a few folk walk by within a few feet and not a flicker.

After the art drop we went for a walk and on that walk we found ourselves on Smeaton's Pier and finding out the local wildlife, The Red Mermaid above and a great big seal below. We also saw some jelly fish but none of the swimmers seemed to be bothered by them.

Later on after our visit to Moomaid's again we popped in to my Wife and I's exhibition 'Art Lovers' at Cafe Art. Below gives a bit of an idea of what it looks like.

Tonight we are planning what to do in our 'drop in and draw' class at Barnoon Workshop tomorrow morning and later I dare say I will do some more drawing.....

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