Tuesday, 9 August 2016

New Pebble Art, Art Drop Found and new art drop:

Above is a pebble drawing I did last night, it will be heading down to the Uys Gallery St Ives when it is dry and it does take a few days.

Above is a recent pebble drawing that I did that I took to the gallery and sold pretty quickly. I have not quite caught up with demand on these yet.

Above is an art drop I did today in response to hearing someone finding my last art drop near Barnoon Workshop. So I did a few more to leave nearby and then did an Art Tour of St Ives. It was a shame we only had one person on it but it was a fun tour around St Ives explaining the interesting art places and telling stories of some of the interesting characters in this town of our.

The rest of the day for me was picking up some fired clay from The Leach Pottery and then taking my Son to hospital to have the cast on his hand/arm replaced by something more heavy duty....

More drawing to be done ....

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