Thursday, 18 August 2016

Sculpture, new drawings, art drop etc

Above and below are the bleeding narrative pair that I was playing with in my sketchbook last evening.
I am afraid I am still a little distracted by the olympics and Team GB's remarkable meddle run.

Above is a slight remix of a drawing I thought I had finished, I think it is finished now but hey you never know in my world of wotnot.

Above is a work that seems to get added to on a daily basis, it started out as a bit of mountboard that was stopping the ink bleeding through too far but it is now a work that I keep adding to, either by more bleeds or just plain drawing on it, how old school ......

Today my day has been a pleasant one, at Barnoon Workshop we had a one day introduction to sculpture course, I forgot to take a pic of mine so here is one by one of our students. Nice one Ian....

Today I also did a small art drop in the Barnoon region. I am now signing off I got drawing to do but just heard 'Sister Europe' by The Psychedelic Furs on 6Music, that tune has still got a hold of me and my ears, wonderful..... Cheers!

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