Monday, 15 August 2016

Above is some of my new sea pottery drawings that will be included in my next art drop, this will be a drop in a groovy restaurant in St Ives. I have been 'invited' sort of to do the drop just before it opens for evening service. I am toying with the idea of announcing it, or not....

Above and below are the drawing/drawings I did last night in my Sketchbook that will be up for sale when finished if anyone wants to purchase please feel free to get in touch.

Above is a small scale drawing I did on a small piece of Fabriano 300gsm.

Today was a pretty normal Monday starting with a lovely 'Drop In And Draw' at the Barnoon Workshop, this session was led by Zoe Eaton and the main thrust was to make a drawing using one continuous line. I am feeling more confident about my drawing these days. I have been so into my abstract world so until last year I hadn't drawn anything 'real' for a long long time. I so enjoying the week starting this way. I am even brave enough to show a few of them from time to time.

Barnoon Workshop and The Tate Crane

A street lamp in Barnoon Carpark

Inside The Workshop
After popping into town for lunch and picking up some sepia and sanguine compressed charcoal and popping into The Uys Gallery, where I was given a piece of slate to draw on by Melanie Uys. I also did a guitar lesson today and am now thinking about getting on with some drawing if the Olympics don't distract me too much. Cheers all.

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