Thursday, 12 May 2016

Work and work and work!

Here are two new drawings, I think they might be finished but I am not sure yet another good hard stare at them later and I will know whether to start a new drawing or continue.

I got handed a form today to encourage me to enter the open exhibition for Printing, Ceramics and Drawing at the St Ives Society of Artists. I think I must put in some entries as it is a free one. I just need to catch up on the rules and then I can work out what goes in or what I have to finish. I do need to gain a bigger presence in this town and everywhere really so I had better do it.

Today has been an odd day, still no power at the workshop this morning for our clay class, which will be the last one for a while, three different guitar lessons, followed by returning to the workshop to let Western Power in so they could give us a temporary supply until they can works out where the job needs to be done. So we have light at last.

Outside of all that we are still the land of sea fog, this blessed misty isle.

It has been a long day today so no long revelations just a tired fella in need of his bed.

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