Thursday, 26 May 2016

Not so many dots, recent work and thoughts.

Above is a drawing I had framed it was done on the thin ply wood from a vegetable crate.

Above is a small scale drawing done with sharpies.

Above is another small scale drawing that was done on  a piece of sea pottery.

Above another small scale drawing done with sharpies and a uni pin pen.

Today has been a busy guitar lesson today my students worked hard today working on new guitar tricks. I between lessons we have been out and about postering and I also met up with Carl from BID to bring him upto speed about our future arts festival meeting last night. He thought it sounded quite productive.

Whilst I was drawing last night, although I didn't finish it, I was think a lot about what I do with my work, is it drawing? Is it printing? Is it just making a pattern? Is it conceptual? I know it is process driven.
I again came to the conclusion it is partly all these things and testing pens to destruction too. It is also something that I do find rather relaxing. I am not saying that in too much of a hippie zen thing but it might be close, a kind of meditation that pushes away this mad world a bit.

Cheers for now, more dots to do :)

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