Tuesday, 10 May 2016

New slate, donations etc

Above is my new slate drawing after two sessions work, hopefully one more session to go. This what I do as an artist, set myself a target and work to it when I can, most evenings at least.

What do artist do all day? Well today I have distributed more posters and flyers around town and to the Tate shop, picked up lunch, cleaned up some of the workshop. After that a run off to Hayle and a couple of holiday parks with posters then Penzance for brushes, paper, canvases and new shoes that were really needed. I got back did a guitar lesson then into town picked up some chips at the Albatross for a tarty egg and chips dinner which was a nice change.

Dinner eaten and onto a bit of website work, informing our box office of some new courses for barnooworkshop.co.uk and now onto the blog. I am feeling tired from all the running around to today however it was nice to be out on a strange weather day with my wife, St Ives was mostly covered in sea fog, Penzance however was bright and really quite warm, must have been 22C at the minimum with a sea mist being generated making it a bit other worldly. In the photo below you can see the mist rising from behind the harbour arm and sailing club.......

At the bottom of Abbey Causeway, we picked up some sea glass and sea pottery for future use.

Continuing on my freeview art program quest, there was more art on the tele last night we watched Waldemar Januscyczac's first installment of the Art Of The Darkages. He found some beautiful gold objects from the so called barbarians, The Huns, The Goth and The Vandals. It seems they were all Christian races but not in favour in Rome so therefore considered barbarians. Barbarians is actually a word that has Greek roots which basically means anyone with a foreign language that they couldn't understand, all they could hear was bar bar barrrrr.....


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