Saturday, 21 May 2016

Somebody else's studio etc

Above is a small bit of sea pottery that I did a little drawing on while we had an after work pint in the Rum & Crab Shack. We decided we would have a little relax after hosting a kids birthday at Barnoon Workshop. So not much art done today, mainly work for the workshop, turned clay at 11am then back up there before 3pm to get ready for a pottery party.

Above and below are our friends who have a studio in the shadow of Rosewall Hill. Graham and Lauren came back to St Ives towards the end of last year to set up a studio. Graham is making his own classical and flamenco guitars, I can tell you that Graham is a master craftsman. I have played one of his guitars and they are wonderful. The guitar above is a blonde flamenco that is having its final polish.

Lauren shares the studio and does her painting and she seems to be making great strides and selling too.
It was a lovely visit, some great coffee and cake and some very warm company, they really are very sweet people. We first met them when we opened Cafe Art and they soon became firm friends. Graham played a few little flamenco shows in the cafe before they left for Spain where Graham went to learn how to make guitars. I am so glad they are back because they were such a part of our initial St Ives experience.

I am aiming to finish my latest big drawing tomorrow, only a few hours work on it I think but until then I will be thinking and drawing in my sketchbook with a couple if ciders, well it is Saturday night.

As I am writing this Tom Robinson on 6Music is playing some great retro stuff The The and Wire, just up my street but hey I am still 'digging' new tunes too. Talking of music I was very impressed with Iggy Pop on Jools Holland last night, what a dude.

Cheers, more drawing to do.....

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