Sunday, 8 May 2016

Slate number 8 and post capitalism.

My new slate drawing is done, or at least I think it is. Let me say I am pretty sure that it is complete.

In the last 24 hours I have done many thousands of dots, The Big One looks no nearer after another four hours on it but hey at least I got the slate finished and more dots done. Sometimes I think it is a labour of love, a discipline and a good way of chilling and thinking deep and un-deep thoughts whilst the world and its madness go on in the background. The older I get the more abstract and annoying that the people in power seem to be i it only for there own good and not the good of everyone. Politics is in a very bad place and that is a worry to us all. When I was younger I thought they must all know what they are doing but quite frankly at the moment it doesn't really look like it at all.
We need a new brand of post capitalist actions otherwise everything will be even more screwed up. Not that I fully understand post capitalism but it is surely where we must be headed, a more  sensible world. I heard Brian Eno talk about this very subject and he sounded very convinced that it could be a way forward. I didn't quite get every nuance but it certainly seemed that it could be a way forward from all the rubbish we are having to put up with. I am starting to sound like a hippy now but hey we need more love in this world and compassion.

For the rest of the day I have some painting to do and also some more dots to draw and have got to think of a topic for Monday's 'drop in and draw' at The Barnoon Workshop

So having said that I better get on, my wife comes back later from seeing her daughter and I am so looking forward to it, she should be landing very soon and then a train journey. I have to admit to feeling a little lost when she is away, we are so rarely apart that I do find myself a little lonely. Well only a few hours until I can pick her up from the Station.



  1. Bobby - I like your new slate drawing. It feels complete to me too. A post-capitalism future used to be called socialism. The s-word shouldn't be taboo. Let's try to make it work. Call it wisely regulated capitalism in the interests of everyone in society, if you like, but 'socialism' is less of a mouth-full.

    1. Well thanks Rob, you are also right about socialism, although it does't seem to have completely recovered from 'New Labour'. Looking at the drawing it seems to have a red square i the centre. hehe