Thursday, 19 May 2016

New drawing, more sea pottery and stuff.

Above are a few more little art pieces for my next drop all drawn on 'sea pottery'. We have a good source of this material around St Ives, if you know where to look. Much of it is said to have come from The Leach pottery although I think that is slightly too big a claim but I have found pieces with bits of Leach design and sometimes the Leach mark too.

Above is the drawing I finished last night, my thoughts are that it is quite a subtle drawing on it's own but in the context of my 'whole' sketchbook I think it fits with the narrative very well.

My day as an artist so far, answering emails, poster designs and guitar lessons and one more guitar lesson to go. Then we have the last quiz of the year as The Barnoon Workshop Team, then some art and sleep.

Short blog today as it is a busy one, quick bite to eat then onwards....

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