Saturday, 14 May 2016

Truro, Kestle Barton, new drawings.

Above a new drawing completed in one session. In the critique of my work by me, I am finding this a slight break from the norm as a line and dot drawing goes, using four berol water colour pens to do the lines and then using a uni pin to do the dots around the form.

Above the second drawing completed last night, metallic gel pens and a uni pin. I am thinking now that I can stand back from this pair that they are quite influenced by my wife's work. I may ask if I can put a couple of Zoe's drawings in my blog over the next while. She really is one of my greatest influences in life and art. I also have many other influences, Hayley Tompkins and Andy Goldsworthy to name two big ones. I first saw Hayley Tompkins work on a Beck's Futures program an really liked her little works and really got into her mindset of going with the flow or transgressing the flow, she illustrated that by ding small works on lined paper sometimes working with the lines and sometimes not. Andy Goldsworthy is another person who has been a huge influence, from his work ethic, playfulness and the look of what he does along with the ethereal nature of what he does. If you have not seen Mr Goldsworthy's work what are you waiting for he really is and has been at the top of his game for a long time now.

Today I have been to Truro with my wife to pick up some nice paper for further work and I also got a new letraset pro marker. We also picked up some indian ink too for the workshop. After our little shopping experience we then drove to Kestle Barton to see the opening of Naomi Frears' Exhibition, interesting videos out of her studio window looking out onto Porthmeor Beach and new works based on 'Frenchman's Creek' The Daphne Du Maurier book/film. The whole exhibition I think benefitted from the setting of the old restored barn that is new Frenchman's Creek itself.

We then wended our way back via Sainsbury's at Helston and have now settled in for dinner and some art, listening to Giles Peterson and the Craig Charles....

I am now wondering what art I will do this evening.....


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