Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Art drop, art drop prepared, new drawing and another sale.

Above is a drawing I started and completed in one hit in my sketchbook I am managing a rough average of nearly one a day.

Above are some pottery shards we collected yesterday evening that I have now drawn on for my next little art drop.

Above is a small art intervention, it is a drawing on some rusty metal I found and now I have hung it somewhere in town. I do wonder if anyone will notice it.

Above a small art drop but I seem to have focused on the sea, what a colour it is today.

Above is the slate drawing I did a while ago and I found out today that it has sold and will be off to Germany soon. Love it when my art travels.

Today has mostly been running around town getting things organised for our pottery session tonight at 7pm. I have also witnessed a massive dust-up between about 50 jackdaws and some sea gulls it started to remind me of 'The Birds' film.

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