Sunday, 29 May 2016

Continuance and 'Bleeding Narrative'

Above is a revision of an earlier work that I wasn't quite happy with so I have picked it out for extra dots. I am not sure how it will go from here but a few thousand more should do the trick. We will see what happens next.

Above and below shows a good example of my 'bleeding narrative' series. I really do rejoice sometimes when the ink bleeds through the paper and I love it it has started to feed into a lot of my work since I first got really excited by it. I had originally thought that I would do and exhibition out of a sketchbook but on completing the first drawing I realised the ink had bled through and that I was just as excited at drawing on the other side of the paper too. Thus my exhibition idea was no longer viable but I had lots of ideas, as I always do, too many in fact but that is much better than a lack of them.

Today was a day to think about art when driving, which I had a good 3 hour think whilst driving to Bristol to pick my son up for his Whitsun Holiday with us. In 7 weeks he has grown taller and his voice is still dropping. Glad I am not 15 anymore. He always seems intrigued by what new work has been done and what has been sold so,  I had good things to report this week about my sales and some new images to show him.

Well I have more drawing to do now and a few ciders to consume, my reward for over 6 hours on the road today....

Cheers all :)

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