Friday, 27 May 2016

Another sale, visit and Truro.

Above is a new drawing I finished off last night, a nice wonky rectangle. I can tell you it took about six hours to complete.

Today started with a nice little visit to our friend Ann's. She regularly attends our 'Drop in and Draw' and in the next few weeks we will be having a DiaD field trip to hers for a change. We had a goo look around and there are plenty of trees and other objects and scenery to draw.

Ann is an author and photographer and I am looking forward to seeing her next exhibition in the Borlase Smart Room at Porthmeor Studios but here she is in her new work cabin.

After leaving Ann we headed off to Truro to get some bits, paper, tracing paper and a whole wealth of other stuff including some shopping for tonight because we are having a little gathering with friends. Should be an interesting jolly night.

On returning home we sat down to have a cuppa and I picked up my emails and had a nice shock. I got  an email from The society of artists saying that if I had another work to replace 'Colour Mass' which had been sold off the wall before even before the private view. Which is fab news but also means I have to find a new frame and get a new work mounted ready for them to replace a gap in the wall tomorrow, not an easy task in St Ives to get it done in time.

So dinner party is about to begin so I better be sociable.

Cheers Everyone

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