Friday, 20 May 2016

That Friday Feeling and new drawings

Above is a new drawing completed last night with the print through 'bleeding narrative' versions below.
I have been trying to be more minimal to a few of my drawings, probably a reaction to having still not quite completing the big one.

Above reverse of the top drawing.

Print through minimalism. Above and below.

Above is the latest update with how Blackstar/Starman is coming on. To be frank there is only a few hours left now. I have just got to fit that into my life, hopefully it will be done by the end of the weekend and ready to go off to the gallery unless anyone wants to buy it before it gets there. As I have said before this is one of a few drawings that actually isn't just a pattern and is my tribute to David Bowie in this year of his passing.

Today has had its frustrations but we are curing that by visiting our friends studio later for the first time since they moved back to St Ives, so we are off to look at Lauren and Grahams work space. Lauren is a painter and Graham makes spanish guitars.

See you again soon, well tomorrow actually

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