Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Art drop prep, new drawing finished and stuff

Above is some prep I have done for my next small works art drop. When I use the metallic ink I have to wait and extra day for drying so they don't smudge so these and some others will probably go out tomorrow in between my guitar lessons.

Above is my new drawing that I completed last night, initially I was going to fill the whole thing in with the small black dots but when I got to this point I felt satisfied with it as an image and on showing it to my wife she felt stopping was the right idea, so I have started on the reverse now. The whole sketchbook is now really starting to become quite a cohesive work. When I have finished it I think it should be one complete work. I may even see if I can sell it as such all I would have to do then, 'all' is find someone who collects whole sketchbooks. I don't know what my chances are?

Above is a little picture I did, whilst working on design idea's. A long time ago now I used to use the head design as my mark, so it was on posters and at least on record cover for the New Mutants' first album 'My Head'. I made a plywood version of the whole 'man' and this is a simple drawing of him.

I am getting ready two drawings to put into the Printmaking, Ceramics & Drawing open exhibition at The St Ives Society of Artist's. I do hope I get into the finished show. The society has a long history in this town with many luminaries in the past. I had a wood piece in a couple of years ago that seemed to get a bit of notice, this year I have two works both framed. So fingers crossed that I will get in The Mariners Gallery for this show. I will try and get suitable pics of them to show.

Other things to report today is I have run around town trying to galvanize people for our meeting next week about starting a St Ives Arts Festival, I also went to the BID office to report in a few things and got involved in conversations about all sorts of Town stuff. It does seem that I am never short of an opinion when asked.
I also had to transport a bag of un-reconstituted stoneware clay that is now getting itself ready for me to tip out so I can prepare it for a Birthday Party workshop on Saturday afternoon.

I better be off now, more work, thinking and drawing to do.


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