Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Under 24 hours. Ann Kelly Private View.

Above is a small sea pottery shard that is in Dubai now, it flew out with my wife yesterday, she has gone to visit my step daughter and her daughter for her 30th Birthday, May the fourth be with you!
I wish I was there with them but plenty to do here.

Above is and aerial view of some of the pots that were made at our workshop this morning. I opened up for Angela and then went to the BID office for an update on how we were getting on with our start an Arts Festival job. My report was basically we haven't had replies back from everybody yet but I am going for a meeting with the Tate St Ives tomorrow which should be interesting.

After that I went home after closing the workshop had a quick lunch and the off to the bank and then on to deliver my six slate works to Melanie at The UYS Gallery www.uysgallery.co.uk and below is a pic of three of them in the window.  I made the window hoorah!

Below is a picture of our friend Ann Kelly, photographer and author who is a stalwart and bringer of things to the Barnoon Workshop 'Drop In And Draw' sessions. This was taken at her private view at Scarlet Wines - Lelant. The photos were good and there was a nice mixture of creative folk and the vibe was really lively too, lots of faces.

I am now about to have a late dinner and get on with some drawing. I am looking forward to tomorrow but missing my wife.


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