Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Naomi Frears, Kestle Barton, new slate drawing.

Above is the new slate drawing it took 3 evenings to complete also managed to forward on in my sketchbook, which is already turning into the bleeding narrative of quite a lot of my recent sketchbook work. It does make me think that I could bring it in to my larger scale drawings, if I do I will have to find the right ink pens to bleed through the thicker grades of art paper, I have always got research ad development on the brain so I can share different aspects of my work across the broad sheet of it all.

Today the 'artists' work has included a small amount of dots in my sketchbook, some additions to the website, emails to get more stuff up on other peoples websites. After that myself and my wife went to meet our friend Valerie for coffee at the new Brewhouse Cafe in St Ives it is up on the top car park. She is part of our water colour group and all round staunch Barnoon Workshop supporter and soon to become a tutor too. She is working on some creative writing workshops so we can spread our courses even further.

I left the cafe in light rain and walked across town to the workshop to do a guitar lesson which went very well as my hair dripped. After that I then got a lift home and we started dinner, Zoe is now preparing some painting experiments as it cooks and I am writing this.

Oh the glamorous life of a poor artist. Still we have been invited to an exhibition opening on Saturday at Kestle Barton, an art space on the Lizard Peninsular, I believe that the wife of Tate director Nicholas Sarota has an interest in. I am looking forward to this as it is an exhibition by St Ives artist Naomi Frears. It will be good to see her new works and take in this art space we have not visited yet. I would love an exhibition there, I imagine that that is a while off if ever but hey who knows what happens in the future. I just have to get myself out there more somehow find some more places to exhibit and get my name around.


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