Monday, 30 May 2016

New Drawings, art drop, more sea pottery etc.

Above is a new drawing that might be finished but I will make the final decision later when I either carry on adding dots and if I don't I will start my next work. It is A3 size so there are quite a few thousand dots on this one already.

Above is another new drawing, it is a bit more minimal this one. Sorry about the rubbish pic I will try and take a better one soon.

Today I attended the 'Drop In And Draw' session as usual at Barnoon Workshop and this time we were joined by my son who did a couple of lovely drawings. Below is a display of what we all managed to do.

Today I also did a little art drop near the Barnoon Workshop and below is the evidence.

It has been a gorgeous day today in St Ives, the town is so busy and full of many nationalities, the beaches are full. So at the end of the day we went off for 'fish and chips' on the beach and then collected more sea glass and sea pottery so I had better get on with the next art drop.

Today has been a day of bumping into people to many to mention but I am sure it is because it is such lovely weather.

I also popped into The Uys Gallery to report to Melanie that I had had a sale at The Society Of St Ives Artists and she reported back the a couple were very interested in one of my wood drawings, fingers crossed for that one...
It does seem like St Ives and its visiting art buyers are alive and well after what has seemed like a very long winter.


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