Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Art on the BBC shock, new drawing.....

Above is a picture I finished off last while I was watching the TV, to my surprise and art program came on and not only that it featured one of my all time favourite artists and another two others that fascinate me too. Andy Goldsworthy got a really good feature, talking about his work and also seeing him trying to build a verticle dry stone wall inside a dead oak tree, really he is the man. I so like his practice and the way his mind works and then the art is still astounding. Not only was he on but it also featured Richard Long and his ten mile wall and then to my great Joy it then featured James Turrell's work at Trenmenhere Sculpture Park near Penzance. This a work that I have not seen yet even though it is so close to home, I first came across James Turrell on a documentary which showed off his light art and also conclude with the fact he had bought a crater in Arizona and was turning it into another kind of light art using nature a remarkable project and idea.

A little while after that I went to New York on a Northampton Uni art field trip, my wife was there studying painting. On the first day we went to the Gargosian, there were all manner of different modern art in that place, a wonderful Rachael Whitread instillation some of Damien Hurst's fly pictures and many interesting too many to remember or name them all but I remember entering a darkened room and my eyes were drawn to what looked like a large 3D cube but it was made out of light at that moment I knew I had see a real James Turrell, I loved the concept, I loved the playfulness and the actual sight of it too.
I have always though that concepts and processes fit very well into modern art these days and I feel that I commune with that feeling on a very regular drawing I start whether it is the concept of leaving little art pieces for people to find to brighten their day to drawing over Tate booklets and delivering them back when I have finished. I am still in awe sometimes at how organic some of my works turn out, I know that all some people can equate it with is Aboriginal art from Australia and I can sometimes see their point but I am not telling stories or where the fish is. My works often have a passive quality of no real story except that I do them, the images are just themselves and make their own presence.
Well this is what I am feeling today about it...

Apart from all that I have done a guitar lesson which was fun, but the day started with an interesting meeting with Mark from the Tate St Ives. He is a very nice and approachable fellow and I certainly valued his contribution today, all the staff there are very pleasant and very helpful and full of ideas too.
It was a worthy hour and a lot to think about. More about this later though....

Six years ago when we had virtually committed to moving to St Ives and starting a business I didn't imagie I would be going to the Tate for a morning meeting. I think back in the day that might have phased me but the way my life seems to be going it is just becoming part of what goes on.


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