Thursday, 5 May 2016

More dots, not finished - a gouache painting.

Above is a drawing I was working on last night, not finished it yet and wondering how much to do on it next, I am sure that will resolve when I get back to working on it later. I have also unearthed another piece of slate that is begging to be drawn on so might even start that later too.

Well I have had an ok day, opened up for a clay class and had a nice little turn out. Discussions ranged from Andy Goldsworthy to paparazzi, Canada and a whole load of other gubbins. It was a lovely sunny morning and peoples moods seemed to be sunny too.

After that I have had to give two guitar lessons and then voted in the Police Commissioners election, whatever that is about. I have no real awareness of what any of the candidates stand for and do wonder why party politics actually come into it, I think it just might be another level of bureaucracy we don't need in our lives.... maybe I am wrong. The other thing we had to vote on was endorsing the Neighbourhood Plan, this is to p stop builders building wherever they want, surely not a good policy either.

I have cooked dinner and am listening to the radio, BBC 6Music. I have a great loyalty to this station, thank heavens the save 6Music campaign work and it has now gone on from strength to strength.

I don't often paint these days this is the kind of thing I do, I did this one a few years ago now and was done one lunchtime with gouache on paper. I keep thinking of doing some more soon. I must admit that whatever it is I like it.

Shortish blog tonight, i am a bit tired but ready to get on with drawing.

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