Monday, 9 May 2016

Monday, Monday.

Above is a box of small works, I have ever settled on the full arrangement of these yet but I do put different ones i from time to time to see what they look like, my ultimate thought is maybe to use the box as a frame and paint it white and have it as a whole piece to be hung. This illustrates another of my many ideas and explorations that have not come into fruition to date. Oh to be making a full living out of this rather than the odd sale, then I would have more time to draw, dream and construct.

Above is another selection from my grid series it was drawn with sharpies and a metallic marker, I try to apply something different to each drawing changing the ideas although from a very basic theory. I love the way that mindset keeps my ideas flowing.

Above is a beach bag that I painted using acrylics in a Wotnot stylee. Happy with the results and there are still a few from the series for sale. I think it is a very accessible piece of useful art and is a marriage between a small series of paintings I did at the turn of the century and what I do now now my thoughts and theories are on dot, line, grid and medium.

I have had what seems to have been quite a tiring day, I picked my wife up last night from the railway station after her return from Dubai, it was great to see her again. I know she was gone for only six days but we spend so much time together it is difficult to adjust when she is away. So I was late to sleep last night and this morning, I had to move the car have breakfast and then go and run Monday's drop in and draw session. It was a nice little session with four of us I took many different objects to be drawn, so an interesting version of still life. I took Banksy playing cards two pieces of work by Steve Groom, 'My First Colonel Mustard' box and also 'My First Vincent Van Gough, now with severed ear' box I also too a figure I had fashioned many years ago using my old logo head design and a unopenable piggy bank that I got from a degree show in Northampton, probably 10 years old.

I am tired so I am going to stop, cheers.

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