Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Barnoon Workshop, Alfred Wallis, Bob Deveraux

Above and below are two works done at our Workshop on Alfred Wallis today, at this point I have to admit that the top one is mine. It is always good art practice to study others work even if you don't work in that area as I don't.

I love Alfred Wallis' work and have a feeling that he was a more complex painter than it first seems, his vision/memories seem to be very complete. The effect he has had on so many artist and copyists has been remarkable.

Today has been an interesting day for many reasons some good, some not so good. It looks like we have a meeting next week to discuss and forward the St Ives Lantern Parade 2016 that is based at Barnoon and looks like year 2 will be much bigger. More funding is need and it looks like we will get some good funding this year.

The above pic is something I did a few months ago it took a good few hours work. I remember really being in the chill-out zone doing this one, I have put this up as I have not taken a pic of the work I did last night as it is still unfinished.

Last night was the third part of Waldemar Janusczyk's Art in The Dark Ages was a great view into Islamic art, some wonderful mosaics.

My head is now full of art from my own and others work. I am also thinking that now being based at The Workshop and not in our old cafe we are away from the Literary Festival that is put on by Bob Deveraux. So for tonight I will leave you with a pic of Bob doing his thing with Laurence Crallan a couple of years ago or so in Cafe Art, the back drop is and exhibition by my wife Zoe Eaton.


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