Friday, 1 April 2016

Sculpture, Wire plus.....

Above is a sculpture I made this week, you can perhaps tell that it is mine by the dot motif marked into it. It started of as a thermalite block and is now a finished sculpture. I think it will end up in my back garden which is starting to resemble a small sculpture park.

Above is a wire drawing I did on Monday of my wife Zoe.....

I haven't managed to produce many dots this week but it has been Easter and with workshops to run, a journey to Bristol and back in a day to get my Son for a few days. Having said that I have completed one drawing and nearly another so when they are both complete I shall blog them.

Really hoping now the season has now started in St Ives for maybe the odd sale. My works in the UYS Gallery seem to be getting looked at enough but a sale would be good.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and stay creative if you can.

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