Sunday, 10 April 2016

Plastic Fusion Wotnot and

Yesterday I attended a Plastic Fusion workshop at The Barnoon Workshop St Ives and made this out of plastic bags, I think it looks pretty cool and a nice bit of recycling to boot all I have to do now is work out what I might make it into. I had a thought that it might be turned into a cover for a book or one of my sketchbooks maybe...

Above are some things my wife has made by fusing plastic they are quite fun and funky, they do catch peoples eye.

I have not done too much drawing in the last 24 hours apart from a small bit on my big blackstar, slowly it does seem to have been 'gathering' a phrase I use quite a lot when I feel like I am starting to see how the whole thing will look when it is finished.

I don't often comment on politics and news on here but I was very disappointed by the coverage of events yesterday on the BBC about what appeared to be a rather large demonstration in London demanding the resignation of our Prime Minister due to the Panama banking scandal. Whether you agree or not with that notion it seems a little wrong that that news would appear to have been quashed in the media....

Today I have been updating the Barnoon Workshop website, should be live later and now I have some drawing to do.

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