Monday, 18 April 2016

Adder in Vodka, art drop, Blackstar/Starman and UYS Gallery

I have to report an interesting start to the week, I attended the regular 'Drop In And Draw' session at Barnoon Workshop St Ives this morning and added to the still life to draw we had this brought in by Anne, her husband hand found this dead adder up at Hawkes Point, probably killed by a seagull, he had brought it home and pickled it in vodka. I have never had a day start like this before....

Above is one of the sea pottery fragments that I left around St Ives at lunch time, those of you who know the area will probably know where it is placed.

Above is how far I have now got with my Blackstar/Starman drawing as I have probably said before it is a bit of a cathartic reaction to the death of David Bowie. It has taken quite a while to progress this far, it is ll those little dots that have taken the time. I feel that it is a lot more than half way through now and I am on the downward slope of getting it to completion, the number of dots on each pass will be getting less and less and will now make me happier with each circuit to be done.

Tomorrow I will be in The UYS Gallery, Tregenna Hill, St Ives from about 10-30 ish until about 15-45 ish if any one wants to pop in for a chat or question me about my art, I will be very happy to see you and hopefully I will get to meet fellow blogger Rob Donovan

Here is a quick view of Barnoon Workshop where I spend quite a bit of my time. It is a lovely chilled spot even with the Tate St Ives extension works next to us.


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  1. Hi Bobby - sorry I was too early. Down at the Uys Gallery around 10.30 but all was shut and I had to get back up the Stennack for other matters. Many thanks for the link above - really appreciated. Will try again to visit later this week. Louise relishes your agreement that PEOPLE MATTER.
    Best wishes,