Monday, 11 April 2016

New drawing and update

Above is a new drawing made with a green highlighter pen doing the lines an dots using a Stablio point 88 pen, it took two evening sessions to complete. I might follow this tack for my next drawing, if I do it will show in a blog soon.

Above is just a little update on how the blackstar/starman drawing is going, it is taking ages because I am not getting long sessions on it due to workshops and life, having said that I am getting excited how it will look when it is completed and I am starting to think it will be possibly my most dotted drawing ever.

This morning I lead a drawing session at Barnoon Workshop where we ruduce drawing in stages by size, starting with A4 then halving it for every next drawing. It was aimed to illustrate how to drawing objects in the background.

It has been a lovely sunny day today in St Ives, a placid sea and what I think to be the warmest day of the year so far. It was the kind of day that really lifts your mood and makes you think things are getting better whatever happens outside the TR26 bubble. I love our micro-climate.

More drawing to be done and my wife's new painting to be delivered to the UYS Gallery tomorrow.

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