Saturday, 30 April 2016

More finished drawings and other happenings

At last the above drawing that I have worked on these last four days for various amounts of time is finished. It only took half an hour or so to complete the last bit so I started on two more but building in my line and dots style, after a short think and gathering of pens I was off.

I was listening to Young Musician of The Year on the tele, it was the brass final with some lovely players too as I was enjoying one of the young trombonists my thoughts were drifting to another young trombonist I used to play with in The Blues Collective, he was very talented and has now gone onto win two BAFTA's for script editing both I think were for working on Sean Meadow's films.

I digress whilst stimulated by the music I drew lines on this on and started almost immediately on doing some dots on it, I could feel as I was drawing some of the lines hadn't dried properly I could feel the stickiness of the ink, when that fact had eventually made a full thought impression I stopped to look, I loved the effect it had created and my wife Zoe looked at this drawing and said 'Stop'. Sometimes I do find it hard to stop once I have set out the rules, concept and process but this time I fought the urge to carry on, it was hard at first to resist the urge to continue but I did and I do agreed it does look really cute just as it is. It was made slightly easier by knowing I had another bit of slate to draw on. One thing from this drawing had got into my thought process too, which was the vertical scratch line.

So as I moved on to the next drawing I started by scratching some lines straight into the raw slate. I was very satisfied by this act for some reason. I then did the same kind of line process on it and then let it dry a little before putting on the dots and the results can be seen below.

I took quick pictures this morning before I went off to do my shift in Cafe Art, as I have said before it was the business that Zoe and I started when we came to St Ives. It has been a very interesting couple of days working in the cafe again, had some lovely visitations from folk that had found out I was in and it was nice to see some of the characters that I don't see quite so often as we are mainly up at the Barnoon Workshop these days.

After work Zoe and I had a little wander around the town distributed a few posters for May and I bought a new St Ives Sketchbook from the Mariners gallery for £6, very reasonable. I now have to get my thoughts together to see what will go into it. Now that seems to be an artist's dilemma or maybe I am just worrying about it too much.

As we listen to the Craig Charles Soul and Funk show I am thinking of my week to come and how much drawing I can fit in, I will let you know if I come to any conclusions although the next new images I post should tell part of that story......

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