Sunday, 24 April 2016

Slate Drawing, workshop maintenance etc

Here is a drawing I did last night on a piece of slate using a metallic silver sharpie a normal sharpie and a metallic gel pen. I have more of this slate and may well do a few more soon. The slate was donated by our friend Tree from Sky High Arts. The thought of drawing on slate must have come from the 'shed' visit yesterday, see previous blog.

Today has involved getting up with a little hangover, well it was Saturday night last night. Coffee and workshop discussions in the back garden, with a nice drop of sunshine and birdsong. We then went up to Barnoon Workshop to clean up a bit after yesterdays soap making and then we primed some boards, some to make mosaics on and others for extra signage.

Last evening I also spent a couple of hours working on the 'big one' again, first time I had touched it in nearly a week and it is heartening that I really seemed to have turned a corner with it now and I do feel like finishing is getting a lot closer, I just have to find time to work on it a bit more regularly.

I am sitting in Weatherspoon's in St Ives writing this with a not great coffee and cheesy chips


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