Thursday, 7 April 2016

New drawing just finished and this town.

Here is one I finished last night whilst watching/half watching the TV, yet again I am really quite happy with the finished result. I could have added more but actually I manage to stop before I 'maxed' it out.
One of my habits, I think is that although I do have a minimal streak in me I do like to see the process through that I started with. I always think that one day I will be more minimal and I have been in the past but my big ideas, not that they are huge involve a lot of hours work, even some of the smaller ones once they have dots on dots on them can take anything from 3 to 12 hours, so as I don't have that many hours in the day that I can devote to my work so some pieces take many sittings.
If I got to the point where sales of my work became my main income I would happily work at it 9 til 5 after all I have enough ideas to be getting on with and as I have said before I keep having new ideas as I do drawings or as I just go through my day.

Today has been a wild and windy day in St Ives I wished I had taken a couple of pictures to share of the crashing waves and the colour of the water, a beautiful turquoise.

I went through town earlier before giving a guitar lesson to a local B&B owner, and I just love they way you happen upon people in this town, today's list would include a friend who is back for a few days who moved to Bath at the back end of last year who wrote a book called The Karate-Ka about his travels/adventures from japan to Okinawa to find the lost fighting art of Te. The head of St Ives BID, Melanie who has our work in her gallery, Jordan Jackson who I haven't seen in an age who photographs my work better than I do and quite a few others too. I love this town even though it is a hard place to make a living in this current climate.

Above is a piece of work that is for sale in the UYS Gallery Tregenna Hill St Ives. I would love to frame more of my work but I simply do not have "project' money to do so at this moment. Hopefully things will change soon.

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