Saturday, 23 April 2016

Soap making, new drawing and a shed party.

Above is my new drawing completed last night and cam phoned this morning. After doing the pic we had to get up to the workshop to get ready and host a soap making workshop for a hen party for eleven, which turned out to be fun.

I also did a small art drop whilst picking up water for the said workshop so here are the ones I left. I normally don't leave more than one together but these were quite small and an uneven pair seemed to work for me.

After the workshop was over my wife Zoe made one final soap as a gift because we were off to a shed party at our friends Colin and Gazelle. When we arrived it was in full flow, the wine flowed and the nibbles were good and here is a pic of some of the folk that we encountered and by the way nice shed. Below is the interior, however I did forget to take a pic of the slate cladding outside.

We left the party after visiting the 'top' shed and below is the cool view from up there, after that a quick shop in town for supplies and then of up the hill back home. Now a bit tired but feeling like I have caught some good rays in the spring sun...


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