Sunday, 3 April 2016

At the other end of the table..... More art on the TV and the need for real art.

Above is a painting that might be finished done by my wife Zoe Eaton. This is what has been happening at the other end of the table whilst I have been doing all those dots you can see more of her work on her or on her Saatchi site.

I do like the feeling of us creating our works at either end of our dining room table, it makes the house seem like our creative hub.

I am wondering what this week might bring now the town is getting busier again. It seems like it has been a long hard winter for us all down here. Sometimes it feels very far from everything, I am not saying that is a bad thing at all and it sometimes feels like a very good thing with all the troubles of the world at the moment. I feel we are quite peaceful compared to 'up country'. Hopefully people will be visiting galleries and taking back some lovely real art back to their homes...
I do wonder sometimes at what people do buy in the name of art but actually what offends me more is that some hotels and holiday providers especially in St Ives but also around the country don't go and buy real art of any description and rely on really boring prints of low quality that turn blue and don't even get replaced by something even slightly contemporary.
We have such a vibrant art scene in this country and some fantastic contemporary galleries in most major cities and a lot of towns too, even if you do not like the current show it is good to be stimulated and join the debate of what art actually is. Recently I have watched the Andrew Graham Dixon series The Art Of Scandanavia on the BBC., although not really dealing with all things contemporary it all feeds into what is happening in this modern world of ours from The Scream, Hans Christian Anderson's cut out right through to IKEA and functionalism.
Whilst on the subject of art on the television, there should be more of it to engage the general public.

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