Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Graphite, marker pen and ink plus Alfred Wallis.

Above and below are some experiments in my book using a graphite stick and either adding colour marker as below just keeping the original lines.

Below is a new drawing done using berol marker and adding ink dots around each mark. I feel the end result to this one is very satisfying, the feeling I get is that it is a very pure idea it makes me think of complicated minimalism.

This morning I was helping a clay course at Barnoon Workshop and one of the ladies want to be taken up to Alfred Wallis's grave. The design was made by the artist Ben Nicholson and the tiles were made by Bernard Leach as a tribute to Alfred's painting and the movement he started not that that was his intentions, helped to popularise St Ives as an artist's colony.
In some small way it set in motion even our move to this town.

This evening I am touched by sadness as a friend that I have worked with on St Ives projects with such as The Chamber of Trade and Commerce and St Ives in December passed away last night. He worked very hard for his adopted home and will be sadly missed by many folk in his town I was only with him just over a week ago where he had almost completed the organisation for this years Christmas celebration . My heart goes out to his family, he will be sadly missed. Goodbye Paul.

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