Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Art Drop, Ship down the road, New drawings.

Above are the little art pieces I 'dropped' around St Ives today mainly in the Barnoon area, I did that because I spent a couple of hours up there drawing waiting for some fired clay from the workshops to be delivered. The wind was really getting up so I think rough weather to come. Ever since we moved to St Ives I have been so much more in touch with the elements and I like it, better than city life.

This afternoon I have been working at home with my wife on the Barnoon Workshop website trying to get further in the future with it than we ever have.

Above is one of the drawings I finished off last night, this pic doesn't quite show it off at it's best but it does show it is finished.

Above is the reverse of the first with other metallic dots on top of the dots.

Found this in my book this morning only half remember doing it at the Drop in and Draw on Monday. It must be my idea of adder skin....

I am off to a guitar lesson soon and then will be scampering back home to get in the warm the temperature seems to be dropping again although still sunny. Below is a pic I too 'down the hill' on my way to the Island Centre.

More dots on the way later :)

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