Tuesday, 26 April 2016

More Slate and more.....

Above is my second slate drawing of the week, I showed the first one to Melanie from the UYS Gallery St. Ives and she basically told me that if I did at least three she would have them in the gallery, so I am making it happen and have started working on the third.

Today I have opened the workshop for our pottery throwing class and then visited Cafe Art for a coffee and updated the website, trying to put in all the summer events we have so far, trying to get a better lead time so therefore more chance to book.

Talking of books I have just started reading 'Karate-Ka' by our friend Joel Reeves and the first three chapters have lead me in nicely, I will read on some more.

Many things are happening at the moment and it is all a bit like juggling but with more than three balls, my art is giving me solace. The world seems to be going quietly mental and I am now happier and happier that we are in what I call The Penwith Bubble. We are far away enough from lots of hectic world stuff, not that things don't happen down here but people see more gentle and accommodating.

Last evening I attended the AGM of Sky High Arts, the CIC company that I am a director of.....

More work to do today.... A guitar lesson and drawing....


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