Saturday, 16 April 2016

Unfinished, now finished, new finished, new unfinished etc

Ok so above wasn't finished yesterday and has changed a little bit mainly by starting to draw on the one below, so it was using my bleeding narrative to draw on the reverse of the paper to get the desired effect.. If it was to be shown it would have to be framed with double sided glass.

Below is a new one started and for once my thinking hasn't gone much beyond what you see so I will post as I continue to work on ti.

Some artist essentials, pens and coffee and a flat surface to work on. This is my 50th blog and it has become quite a part of my daily routine and is helping think and express my thought about what I do how I do it and how it kind of protects me from getting to angry about all the horrible things that are going on the outside world oafs in government everywhere not helping the common people and the mass problems we have in this world through not gaining a true perspective on our one little world.
I do wish peace, safety and dignity to all. Whoops letting the outside world in again.... Cheers Bobby x

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