Friday, 8 April 2016

A new sea pottery drawing, inspiration and an early wood drawing.

Above is a small bit of sea pottery that I left somewhere around town today a nice monochrome pattern which must reflect the black and white large piece I am working on at the moment. I did some work on it today a will do more in a while.

Included in my day was a guitar lesson with a student that first came to one of my one day guitar courses. It was her third lesson with me and she has a good musical understanding. We went over the things I had shown her last time and hopefully moved them on a bit to. I also fixed a string for her and it was a very nice lesson with some interesting conversation too.

Above is a photograph of some of the leichen that that grows on our rocks down in Cornwall the more I look at it and I do it fascinates me that it may well be another inspiration in my work. It forms stunning  patterns as it grows larger, it must take many years to grow. One day I might read up a bit more about them.

Above is an early wood drawing I did, you can still see moss clinging to the bark. If I remember the wood was collected by my son and me on a visit to Tahidy Woods when he was down here on one of his many holidays. Looking at the dots on it I see what it has something of the organic that the leichen has as it grows.

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